Creating a Collage (Skirt) With Your Stash. A FREE formula from KIS Designs

It's hard to believe that summer is nearly over and we're already seeing the "Back to School" advertisements. 
I guess this means that it's now appropriate for me to offer my Collage Skirt formula as one of my favorite Back To School knitting projects!
 I've been making these skirts for more than 10 years now, and three things keep me coming back to make another:
 The near-instant gratification of a finished project. The ability to clear out a fair amount of stash yarn with this formula. The creativity-unleashed method of color & texture blending.

This project employs an "everything but the kitchen sink" approach to stash-busting.
Random bits of leftover sock yarn combined with DK and/or worsted weights are held together to form a chunky weight yarn that is uniquely yours.
They work up so quickly, and are somewhat addictive, so be prepared--bet you can't make just one!
The formula is available for FREE here: Download your FREE PDF
Happy Knitt…

Looking for a Sense of Direction

I love knitting on the road. Windows down, radio on, the hum of the engine and the feel of the yarn and needles in my hands (It's okay-- I'm not the one behind the wheel)!
It's all so relaxing...until my husband hands me the map and asks me to find the directions to where we're driving.  Why does he do this to me? Furthermore, why does he do this to himself??
My husband was born with a 100% accurate internal compass. Mine was broken when I got it. Never, ever works!
Here's what I see when I look at a map: I see lines going "this way" intersecting with lines going "that way". Scribbles on a complicated-to-fold page.  I give it a try every time.  I will stare at that map until the creases in my brow match those on the page in my lap.  Then I take out my phone and ask Google Drive to talk us through the directions. She talks, he listens, I knit and we all arrive at our destination. God bless you Google Drive! 
New Hat Pattern: Sense of Direction Av…

Track your Stash: A Worksheet for 4 Strands Sweater

Body & Sleeves Tracking Sheet for alternating yarns

Spring Cleaning Begins with your Stash!

A recent Snow-day sparked the desire for spring-cleaning. Naturally, I started with my stash!

Looking at all the lovely odds-and-ends of my leftover yarns prompted this sweater creation. Random bits of sock yarn and mohair seemed the perfect complement to the Malabrigo Arroyo that I had left from a previous sweater project that didn’t pan out (mixed dye-lot). Add to that, a gorgeous skein of Mountain Colors Winter Lace that I received for my birthday, and voila! A sweater was born!

4 Strands is a simple, top-down sweater with  next-t0-no shaping and plenty of ease. It works up super-quick  at 3 stitches to the inch-- and because of its construction it’s guaranteed to be a one-of-a-kind garment, no matter how many times you make it!
I am offering this sweater pattern for FREE in my Ravelry shop so grab your copy here:FREE Pattern!
and get ready to clean out your stash!
If you'd like some some help determining the best stash to combine, I will be teaching a workshop on this pattern this mo…
W. on 80 by Kelly Forster/KIS Designs
Named for the highway that leads from Oregon to Colorado which is highlighted in a verse from one of my favorite Joe Bonamassa songs.  It’s where the “road starts climbing up to Mountain Time.”  
Knit in Malabrigo Dos Tierras yarn, in colors that emulate this long stretch of highway and the dashes, lines and textures of its oft-traveled pavement.
Road-trip anyone? Grab your PDF pattern here: Cast On!
New Pattern Release: "Alexandra" Cowl and Hat set  designed to showcase Alexandra's Crafts beautiful Pendleton Gradient Shawl Cake.

This pattern duo takes full advantage of the 400-yard shawl cake. Each-and-every drop of color within the over-sized skein is fully appreciated as they spill into the cowl and climb up through the hat.
Both pieces are knit from the bottom-up.
SIZE Cowl: One Size. Hat: Adult S [M]
FINISHED MEASUREMENTS [After Blocking} Cowl Circumference: 25.5 inches/64.77 cm Cowl Depth: 8 inches/20.32 cm Hat Head Circumference: 19[22.5] inches / 48.06 [57.15]cm Hat Depth: 7[7.5] inches/17.78[19.05]cm
Hat Pictured is Adult M.
Ready to Cast-On your "Alexandra" set? Link to my Ravelry Shop directly from the home page of this blog, or click the link here: Cast On!
You can get your mitts on this amazing yarn here:Yarn
New Pattern for January: Brightly Cap
“In order for the light to shine so brightly, the darkness must be present.” -Francis Bacon
I've been thinking about this quote and what it means to be a light in a dark world.

I have not been given the gift of eloquence so I often stay quiet.  Listening. Hoping that my actions convey my desire to be a light in the darkness. 
Hoping that KINDNESS will make a come-back.   Hoping that LOVE will win over hate. Hoping that HOPE will return.