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Saturday, February 20, 2016

For My Girl: Love in every stitch!

Testing is complete and "Carly's Sweater" is ready for release.  

I designed this sweater for my daughter, who wanted something simple--but interesting (not boring). Loose-fitting, with plenty of ease so that she could wear it over a tank or turtleneck. Something that would go equally well with jeans/leggings as it would with a skirt.

Knit in Fly Designs' amazingly gorgeous Merino Cashmere DK, this sweater is as fun to knit as it is to wear!

Sizes included: XXS-XXL

Ready to Cast On your own "Carly's Sweater"? Grab the pattern here:

And get your hands on this delicious yarn here:

Monday, February 1, 2016

Hard-Rock Knitting!

More often than not, a piece I am designing will speak to me as I knit.  Guided by a particular stitch pattern--the way the stitches twist or turn will call to mind a person or a place and this will become the patterns "name".

In the case of Neptune Rising, it was the yarn that was doing all the talking—singing in fact, accompanied by sizzling guitar riffs!  

I couldn’t help but think of Jimi Hendrix and I’ve come to believe that if he were alive today and took up knitting, Victory Fingering would be the yarn he would choose. Electric lime, scorched lemon, purple (Haze) and (Fire) red run riot throughout these skeins and bring your stitches to life!

warning signs: callsign
Knitted Wit’s yarns should come with a warning label:
This yarn Rocks—HARD! 

Are you…Experienced? 

Cast on your "Neptune Rising" Here:  

and get your hands on this amazing yarn here: