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Thursday, April 6, 2017

"Newt" items in my Etsy Shop!

Adding to my "Bullets & Bling" series,  two new Assemblage Necklaces have been added to my Etsy Shop.

Both necklaces are One-Of-A-Kind and are adjustable for many wearable options.

*Sorry, Mr. Newt is not included in the purchase of either of these necklaces ;-)

  • "Bullets and Blues" necklace features a gleaming brass .45 shell casing which caps off a cascading blend of blue glass, Swarovski crystals, brass, copper and gunmetal (naturally) chain. More info on this necklace here: Bullets & Blues

  • "Pretty Fierce" necklace features a beautiful blend of pinks and greens along with the gleaming brass .45 shell casing.  I've also included a lovely Rose Quartz moon, vintage crystals and a colorful pink hand-dyed silk ribbon.  More info on this necklace here: Pretty Fierce

Saturday, April 1, 2017

Wedding Season is Upon Us!

Just in time for Wedding Season: Spring Bling and a new beaded shawl pattern!

"Thamarai" is knit in one piece, from the center-out and features shimmering glass bead accents and gorgeous hand-dyed 100% silk yarn from Textiles A Mano.  

The shine and luster of the yarn and the beads are a perfect match--and the drape is amazing!

Add to that, my "Shotgun Wedding" necklace which features hand-dyed silk, vintage crystals and button and a shining brass bullet casing--what more could a bride wish for (except her happily-ever-after I suppose)!

Ready to Cast On your Thamarai shawl?

Grab your PDF downloadable pattern here:Cast On!

And get your hands on this one-of-a-kind necklace here: Shotgun Wedding