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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Caleb's Dominion

My son never asks me to knit for him unless it's something nerdy.  For example, this Halloween he requested a quick and simple Ninja cape and hood--three days before Halloween!  I've also made him a knitted lego-man and have talked at length with him about design ideas for a complete knitted Star Wars set.  So when he came to me with a request for a simple vest, I was ecstatic--finally, something normal!!  Then, the rest of the story.............

His Challenge:  to design him a vest that he could covertly wear to a civil war reenactment but would actually be "modern" in that it would feature the image of the firebird from the video game he is currently lusting after.  

Challenge accepted my son!

Knit from the bottom up, this is a quick and seamless knit designed to fit boys and girls.

Ready to Cast On?  Grab the pattern here:   

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