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Saturday, January 4, 2014

Netflix = Knit-Flix

New Years is the time for resolutions, and I have deemed 2014 to be the year of
the UFO's (Unfinished Objects):  Finish em,  or Fugget about em!

I have gathered all of my UFO's in one location and discovered that I have a staggering 14 of them!  FOURTEEN!  

Chalk it up in part to knitters A.D.D. or the fact that I work at a yarn shop and have way too many options, or just plain insanity (yeah, that's our last option), but I have started each of these projects with the intentions of finishing them--honest!

Some projects have gotten set aside due to other's jumping the queue (shop samples, pattern requests, custom orders, etc) and others have simply been forgotten in a basket that I tucked away all too well.  Still others have been gathering dust (figuratively) for over 3 years and I believe it's time to take a close look at these and make the hard decisions:  Will they be finished--or will they be yarn?

Let's Start with the "current projects" category.  These are the projects that I carry to work with me in my knitting bag with the hopes of getting a few rounds in.  They are the ones I curl up with in front of the TV at night-- My husband calls this practice "Nesting with Netflix", but let's face it--TV Knitting gets the job done!  They are as follows:

1.  Sugar Frost (Bunny Love) Shawl:  this is a shawl from one of my older patterns which I am knitting for a friend using handspun angora yarn that she's had in her stash for something like 9 years!  (Is it wrong for me to find this figure to be somewhat comforting?)  The yarn sheds like mad, but is incredibly beautiful and smooshy-soft (like hugging a bunny)!

2.  Meadow Hopper Socks:  This is a new pattern I am working on and I have made it to Sock #2.  It won't be long until it's finished.  The pattern is already typed up and ready for testing as soon as I can gather some testers.  Soon you will be warming my toes--very soon!

3.  Herringbone Jacket by Debbie Bliss:  I am knitting this beautiful, highly-textured sweater for a friend.  I am loving the way it looks, but it definitely does not fall into the "TV Knitting" category with its bobbles, zig-zags and cables.  May take awhile, but I have challenged myself to dedicate time every day to this project until it is completed.

Now we move to the projects that have been set aside (until the more pressing ones are completed) category :

4.  Breathless Shawl:  This is a new pattern I am working on using a gorgeous red skein of Breathless DK yarn that I won on a FB contest.  I can't wait to get back to knitting this shawl--which is exactly the fuel I need to knit faster on items 1-3!

5.  Silken Wings:  Another new pattern in the works using 100% hand dyed silk yarn by Textiles A Mano.  I am still in the "figuring" stage of this pattern and am anxious to return to it.  This yarn is so amazing to work with and I really want to do it justice.

6.  Half-Time Cowl:  Yet another new pattern in the works.  I love the way it's working up, and really need to be able to devote the time to completing the piece.  I have a two testers waiting on the pattern, so it may be one that I can hand off to another knitter to complete.  It still counts!

7.  Your Song Cowl:  I love the look of this cowl, but I can't seem to find the time to knit it.  It's a simple 2-row pattern which definitely falls into the "TV Knitting" category and will work well as an in-between pattern when I need a break from the intensity of the Herringbone Jacket.

8.  Mermaid Scarf:  This is a pattern I started writing 2 years ago....but have misplaced the notebook I was using at the time.   It's nearly half done.  I made it with Cascade Kid Seta which is nearly impossible to unravel, so I think I will have to reverse engineer this one and complete it.

9.  Sweet Little Swing II:  Sweater pattern I am working on.  I just need to write up the sleeves and complete the darn thing!  Maybe a couple of hours tops to bind off.  Just Do It!!

10.  For Luck Cowl:  Made with Black Trillium's Lilt Sock.  Love the yarn, and the pattern--just need the time to complete it.

11.  Swirl Jacket:  I started this sweater (from the book:  Knit-Swirl) 3 years ago.  The yarn is now discontinued.  Do I have enough to finish??  This has been tucked away in a basket (with the book) and completely forgotten.  Sigh.............  I will move it to a more prominent location and see if the guilt gets to me.

Most Likely to be Yarn Category: (Thank you for playing, now it's time to go)

12. Yoga Sock:  One finished.  Not that interested in making the second--like the yarn though, so it will have a second life--next year!

13. Gecko:  Can't find the pattern, and I have removed the needles to use on another project--sorry buddy, you are going back to the ball!

14.  Half-Time Cowl:  First run with Eco Duo yarn.  Love the yarn, but doesn't do the textured pattern justice.  You will be something wonderful some day--I promise!

My resolution is to work on each of these in turn, with mindless knitting from the easier patterns in between until they are all bound off or wound up!  So let's brew up the tea and load the Netflix Queue.  It's time for a marathon Knit-Flix session.  Let's turn these mother's out one by one!!

p.s.  Success story # 1:  Sugar Frost Bunny Love is finished (and it only took 6 episodes of Being Human)!

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