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Saturday, September 28, 2013

Finding My Breath!

This week, I won a skein of yarn from Shalimar Yarns 

For those of you who do not know me, I must confess that I have earned several... shall we call them"nicknames" in my knitting career.  Here are a few of them:

  • Yarn Snob
  • Yarn Pusher
  • Yarniac
  • Yarn addict
  • Yarn Ho
Are you seeing a pattern here (no pun intended...........ok, maybe it was intentional)?  

So you can imagine my extreme excitement upon being notified thatwas the winner of this GLORIOUS, deep red skein of "Breathless" by Shalimar Yarns and believe me, I have been "Breathless" with anticipation ever since!  Is it as beautiful as the photograph?  What is the texture like?  Is it as soft as I imagine?  What shall I make?? (gasp, pant, drool!).

Yesterdays mail arrived with its precious cargo and I am happy to announce that this skein, "American Beauty" is everything I'd hoped for! 
  • The color:  The exact shade of "L.O.V.E".  
  • The texture: Smooooooooth.
  • Is it Soft:  Oh Yeah! 
  • What shall I make: What shall I make??  A shawl, a cowl, fingerless gloves??  With this kind of yardage (420 yards) I could make a hat and fingerless gloves........
Oh dear, I am breathless once again!

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